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Jessie Rox is a dancer, choreographer, pinup girl, and actress out of Houston.  She specializes in musical theatre and has a great love for Vaudeville and the razzle-dazzle of old Hollywood.  Her pinup photos have been seen in various magazines, such as, The Cat’s Meow, Atomic Bombshells, Victory Girls, Classy Keen, American Classic, Delicious Dolls, and Fashion Bombshell.  She was Ms. Retro Houston for July 2012 and has been featured on the Rebel Pin-up Page.  Jessie is Co-founder of Dancers Against Cancer and proud to be part of the Benefit Betties.

What is your favorite food?

I love Houston Tex-Mex!  It has a flavor of its own and I have yet to find it anywhere else.

What is your favorite activity?

I love to dance and particularly gravitate to musical theatre styles.  I am trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and a variety of others.  I am often asked the question which style is my favorite, and I have found that I tend to be a tapper.  Even as a kid I would get in trouble at the grocery store because I would tap down the aisles.  I feel like it is one of the few dance styles that do not require anything to accompany it in order to be enjoyable.  If you saw a ballerina on the street, dancing her heart out without music, you might think she was a bit bizarre; whereas a tapper can dance almost anywhere, for most anyone and be enjoyable.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

It is hard to choose just one, so I am going to give you two!  I would love to meet Madeline Kahn and Vera Ellen.  I feel like each one of these ladies has influenced my love of theatre and dance.  Madeline Kahn in particular has been an inspiration for as long as I can remember.  I feel like my choices as an actress have been greatly inspired by her ability to play such a variety of character roles.   My dream role is to play Lili Von Schtupp in a stage version of Blazing Saddles.  Vera Ellen is eternally elegant and instills a certain ladylike quality that I adore.  Her performance in White Christmas is unforgettable and pushed me to want to have a killer nerve tap.

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

As a parent, I feel like every day makes me stronger.  Being able to juggle a full time career, volunteer activities, and still being a major part of my girls’ life is hard but worth it.  They have brought some of my greatest challenges and joys and I know that they will forever make me a stronger person.

What is your favorite smell?

There are so many great ones!  I love the smell of my hubby fresh shaven and the smell of my babies’ clean hair.  There is a wonderful satisfaction of sautéing peppers and onions that can make even the most basic meal smell amazing.

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