The Benefit Betties

Ashley Bounds AKA The Bella Rush Photography


Hang onto your hats Bettie fans!

Our Graphic Designer, Ashley Connor Bounds is climbing our ranks as both an officer and our resident photographer! This luscious little strawberry is a Houston hottie with New York City in her heart! As owner and operator of the Pin-up & Boudoir company, “The Bella Rush Photography”, the sassy photog devotes her time to both our charity and to making women feel their utmost beautiful. She dazzles us each day with her impressive Make-up and hair artistry and is presently working endless hours to produce our first EVER Benefit Betties 2014 Calendar! She is a hard working business owner, entrepreneur, doting wife and mother of two exceptional children.

What is your favorite candy?

NERDS! Cry Baby’s, Fun Dip! War Heads, Pixie Sticks, rock candy, PEZ and those yummy chile-covered watermelon suckers! Okay, so I can’t pick a favorite…I’m a candy addict! Did I mention Bit-O-Honey’s, Heath, toffee, ChicoSticks, Blow-pops, Butterfingers, Sour Belts, Nik-n-lip wax bottles, Razzles, Gumballs… Yeah okay, it’s bad 🙂

The Soundtrack of my life

Incubus is on constant rotation. There’s a splash of Toadies-Possum Kingdom to crank up and sing along to. Say It Ain’t So-Weezer, Modest Mouse, Soundtracks to my favorite Musicals…Dear God, the musicals! The Smash Soundtrack, Wicked, Rent, Chicago, and anything from the golden ages that sounds like it should be accompanied by a hot burlesque performance. All of The Beatles, A little Classic Rock, Sleepy time to The Doors and snuggle time to Portishead. My wedding song is Van Morrison- “Into The Mystic” and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”.

Favorite Television

We are huge TV buffs in our home. I realize I’m only perpetuating the fat American stereotype but what can I say? We likes our shows! Representin’ Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Don’t hate. Lost Girl, True Blood! Dexter, Magic City, Sex And The City, HIMYM, there’s something beautiful about being able to connect to a character that you see every week.

Favorite Movies

Boy is THIS a good question?! Movies are tiny fragments of who we are. I can watch and rewatch to revisit those parts of me. Each masterpiece becomes an integral thread in the tapestry of who I am. I’d have to say Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind still reigns at the top. Though I can’t discount Mr. Andy Duphrane and his Shawshank Redemption. My favorite book as a child was The Count of Monte Cristo so it’s only fitting. True Romance is especially important, I even bear a tattoo in it’s honor, V For Vendetta, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, HitchHiker’s Guide To the Galaxy, Fight Club- of course, As a Mom and Disney Buff, I have to pay homage to The Little Mermaid and I have a soft place in my heart for the original Alice In Wonderland. The Lost Boys, Batman & more Batman! Amelie, Sean of The Dead, Lucky Number Slevin (My son’s favorite. He gets Mommy movie homework quite often ), Don’t Laugh-Constantine, Scott Pilgrim, and Oh Captain, my Captain- The Dead Poets Society! Oh and Now You See Me! New one on my list. It’s SO good!

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?


…and finally, What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Young Again.

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